Thursday, March 25, 2010


The clever D S Brennan has inspired me this week. The last couple of weeks have been pretty darn stressful, organising a garage sale and the move to New Zealand, so I stopped for a few minutes and photographed these poppy stems in my bathroom.

I am looking forward to going on a day trip with my fantastic inspiring friend Isis, taking photos of the things that I love around Launceston in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you see some crazed looking woman muttering to herself, wearing her cardigan inside out, frantically walking down the street suddenly stop, pull out her diary, and scribble something on the page, that's me, taking note of things that tickle my fancy for the photo session.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shoot, Sew, And Leaf

Yeah. That's how I roll.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Knows? Maybe I'll Start Posting Once A Day...(doubt it)

I have not blogged for yonks. Why? I thought I had nothing exciting to blog about, but I have changed my mind...
In the past 2 months, I have been visited by lovely friends, my mum came for a visit, my amazing son turned 3, we went to Falls Festival, Scamander, Hobart. And most importantly I have been working on sorting out some of the things that whizz around in my mind constantly, things that I feel stop me from making the most out of life.
I am loving this year so far!
In 7weeks time, this blog will be written from Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand. My family and I are going back to the Homeland, as we are missing family and friends terribly.
I will miss Tasmania, and the great people I have met. This place is special, well it had to be considering we we only planned to be here 6 months and it has been almost 3 years!!
But here is my last 2 months in photographs...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Popping the Homespun cherry!

I am going to be at the civic homespun market this Saturday!!!!!!

I am freaking out, this is the first time I have tried to sell anything I have made, it's like baring part of my soul. I feel honoured to be included with all the stall holders, but especially to be part of a two-tabled gang, the members being my lovely, inspirational friend Isis, the smiley Abigayle, and the person who is going to be the sweetest smelling woman in the room, Annie.

Oh shoot! I did not even tell you what I had made! They are cards made with vintage children's books, using both the text and the gorgeous images. I have even made my own envelopes from the books too. But they are better in person, so I really think you should come check them out!

Raewyn x

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday, my husband, son and I were in the busy Vege Shed buying, well, you know, veges, and I saw my husband do something that made my heart burst....

There was an elderly couple, the woman was leaning on the trolley, and the husband was trying and trying to open one of those plastic bags from the roll. He was getting more and more flustered, so my husband ripped a bag off the roll, opened it up and passed it to the man with a 'here you go'.

I had to walk a few steps in front to compose myself, but my husband caught up to me and I grabbed his face, gave him a smooch and said  'you are an amazing man'.

I really do think my husband is amazing. I love him. And our little creation.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smiling on the inside, snotty and poorly on the outside.

There are great things happening in my life at the moment, and if I only hadn't caught a cold I would be doing cartwheels down the street. The last half of that sentence is a blatant lie, but you catch my drift...
I am turning 30 in a few days, and I embrace it fully! I have always believed life gets better and better the
older you get, so I look forward to discovering more about myself with each day.
And to help me celebrate, I have some precious family members coming to see me, and I can't wait.

One thing I am sorely disappointed with is that I can't make it to the next Brown Owls meet, as I'm positive no one wants to hear me blowing my nose every 5 minutes. I really wanted to make my book, so I may have to bribe Isis with some wine and dinner and get a private lesson. But not in a dirty way.

So, I was asked by a friend to take some photos of her children and , while one co-operated, the other threw a wobbly, but I still managed a couple of goodies.

wobbly thrower.

softie made for friends baby. may will most certainly scare baby.

Hilbarn joy! Thanks Gemma for introducing me to this fabulousness! Must get well and have our kiddies meet!

Time to stop writing, this cold is messing with my brain and I'm not sure if I'm making sense...