Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smiling on the inside, snotty and poorly on the outside.

There are great things happening in my life at the moment, and if I only hadn't caught a cold I would be doing cartwheels down the street. The last half of that sentence is a blatant lie, but you catch my drift...
I am turning 30 in a few days, and I embrace it fully! I have always believed life gets better and better the
older you get, so I look forward to discovering more about myself with each day.
And to help me celebrate, I have some precious family members coming to see me, and I can't wait.

One thing I am sorely disappointed with is that I can't make it to the next Brown Owls meet, as I'm positive no one wants to hear me blowing my nose every 5 minutes. I really wanted to make my book, so I may have to bribe Isis with some wine and dinner and get a private lesson. But not in a dirty way.

So, I was asked by a friend to take some photos of her children and , while one co-operated, the other threw a wobbly, but I still managed a couple of goodies.

wobbly thrower.

softie made for friends baby. may will most certainly scare baby.

Hilbarn joy! Thanks Gemma for introducing me to this fabulousness! Must get well and have our kiddies meet!

Time to stop writing, this cold is messing with my brain and I'm not sure if I'm making sense...


  1. oh no sickness... sorry but i'm stearing clear! i managed to survive this far without getting anything while those around me were dropping like flies. when you are better you are most certainly welcome to a oh la la private book binding lesson... did i hear you say wine...

    that softie has cool eyes, i want button eyes! was thinkiing of Hilbarn-ing it too but didn't get my act together so let me know how it goes Raewyn. and have a great birthday with your family

    x isis

  2. Raewyn!
    You ought to go into photography! Your pictures are amazing!!!