Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ahhh, Raewyn Who?

Where oh where have I been? What have been doing? No idea really, but not blogging I know that much!
But here are some things that have me all fired up and inspired....
A beautiful sunset outside Ariki's window....
Experimenting with my new camera....
Books found at a church fair for the next installment of Brown Owls , taught by the lovely Isis...
This great fabric came from the church fair too..
Exciting op-shop finds,
Like this great flannelette sleeping bag....
I found this window box frame which I may or may not use for something exciting!
Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! Look at those stunners!
And these cool old playing cards...
I'm rather stoked with my bounty!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! What cool finds - LOVE the fabric! Can't wait to Brown Owl it up x

  2. my goodness raewyn, you have to take me op shopping with you. damien must be giving me bad vibes! your finds are fantastic! love the swap cards and buttons. and those books look great, can't wait to turn em into ... hmm new books :)

    x isis

  3. Hey Raewyn!
    I love your blog!

  4. My god Rae your photography is absolutely stunning!! Your doing so well!! You do have an amazing family, beautiful, caring and appreciative. Love you xxx