Monday, September 14, 2009


I spent a night with my friend Jen who was house sitting in Windemere, the house owners had six dogs, which is kinda funny as I am not totally crazy about dogs...
But it wasn't that bad, they fell asleep in a big heap in front of the fire, while we drank gin and ate cheese and crackers with jalapeno relish (yummo!)

In the early morning we went for a long walk and I got a little snap happy...

The sun was out, I had forgotten what it was like! Everything just looked so beautiful.
Bring on summer! Although it's pretty much guaranteed that I will be bitching about the heat in a few months time. Watch this space.


  1. nice pics, good to see you having fun with the new camera! cool composition in the second shot

    x isis

  2. This looks like utopia! Head to windermere when it gets hot - bitch about the heat with that view and a cocktail in your hand!!!